3 Fun Things to Do With Maritime Signal Flags

One thing that many may not realize is that boats and other maritime vessels can actually communicate using flags. Each maritime signal flag has a different meaning and can be used to send out a message to other vessels or to the shoreline. These flags are colorful and easy to see by design. They can also easily be incorporated into various arts and crafts projects. Here are three things that can be done with maritime signal flags. 

Create Banners

Perhaps the easiest project would be to make a banner of these flags to hang either outside or in the home. This is an easy project that can be done in a short amount of time for most people. All that's needed is rope or twine and a place to hang the banner. Aside from the cost of the flags, the rope or twine can cost as little as a few dollars, making this an affordable project for most. It's also possible to hang the flags in different order in order to spell out messages. 

Create a Name Board

For those unfamiliar with maritime travel, signal flags may simply look like any other type of flag. Many do not realize that these flags are a way to communicate with others. A maritime signal flag name board is a great way to introduce people to the meaning of these flags. There are various ways to create one of these name boards. They can be painted, printed, or even created by pinning small flags to a large board. Creating a name board can take more time and effort than making a banner but it's a great way to learn more about maritime signals and to introduce others to the concept.

Frame Them

Maritime signal flags already look like pieces of art with their bright colors and interesting patterns, so why not frame them? Framing these flags and hanging them up on walls is a great way to incorporate maritime style into a space. Having a flag properly framed and preserved by a professional can be pricey. Framing a large flag can easily cost a few hundred dollars when done by a professional. However, a crafty individual can frame a flag for much less. 

Maritime signal flags are something that can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to make colorful and creative banners that can be hung throughout the home. A maritime signal flag name board can also be made in order to help others understand what these flags mean. Framing these flags is also a great way to incorporate them into a home. Check out specialty retailers like Say It With Glass to see some of these ideas in action.